Midnight On The Storm

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01.Sigur Rós - Glósóli
02.Kid Loco - Confessions
03.Nathan Fake - Stops
04.Mr Natural - Stetson
05.Steeple Remove - Miss Limonade
06.Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit
O7.Juan Trip - I Love You No More
08.Serge Gainsbourg - En Melody
09.Vic Doirée - Disco Love
10.Matias Aguayo - Minimal
11.Abe Duque - Jack U vs I'll House You
(DJ Hell Mix)
12.Martin Mastike - 80's
13.2ManyDJ's - The "O" Medley /
Shower Scene (Bobby Orlando vs Felix
Da Housecat)
14.Electronicat - Hoo Woo Woo
15.Can - Mushroom
16.Two Lone Swordsmen -Kamanda's

Mix for my contribution on sqwelsch blog http://sqwelsch.blogspot.fr/2008/11/midnight-on-storm.html
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