Invisible woman

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This is already a few weeks I have heard about this movie and its Soundtrack
What caught my attention first is history. Perhaps because of this feeling "invisible woman" some people make me feel, people that you appreciate, that you support, who you show perhaps a little too much affection and in turn forget you...
And then I learned that the brother of the director was Guillaume Teyssier (aka My Sister Klaus). This is one of the artists signed to Tigersushi I appreciate most.
I have discovered for the first time in a TV programm "Culture Club" on France 4 (at the beginning of France 4) when I watched still a little TV, he gave a little interview in which he cited his influences (including Cyd Barett if I remember correctly) and it had immediately hooked.
I've not seen the film (soon soon) but I listened and I love the soundtrack.

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