Trip Of A Sinner

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Top Drawer - Song Of a Sinner

From album "Forge Your Own Chains, Vol. 1: Psychedelic Ballads And Dirges 1968-1974" which is released recently from record manufacturer Now Again and his founder Egon, known for his manager's qualities of Stones Throw. This album include a rich musical past : American gospel song, paranoiac soul, solitary folk music, fuzz of Eastern Nigeria, Thai rock, Iranian ballades …

Godfrey - Let's Take a Trip

From Pebbles compilation, Vol. 3, The Acid Gallery


Fingers ©

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Fingers Inc. - Distant Planet (Club Mix)

Harlem Underground Band - Finger in it
"Finger in it" is a track from the monster lost funk album from 1976 that features Willis Jackson, George Benson, and Ann Winley, wife of Paul Winley (label owner who released this album and also album of one of hip hop's most important figures Africa Bambaataa). This Album is available now.

pix : Anna Karina in Pierrot Le fou
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