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Each day leading up to the release of our forthcoming album, Coconut (March 1st 2010), archie bronson outfit’ll unveil a new video to accompany each album track.
From day of release, you’ll be able to watch all the videos and hear the album in its entirety.
The visuals were made by them as well as 3 by artist collaborators L-v-L, Leo Scott & Andy Holden and will also feature on an accompanying DVD with initial copies of the album.
Today’s video made by Hoola Films: Shark’s Tooth

For More info :
archie bronson outfit myspace
archie bronson outfit facebook


Save our beach*

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wishing whale - pill wonder from Martin Anderson on Vimeo.

clip for Pill Wonder's swirling, "Wishing Whale," taken from their forthcoming debut LP Jungle/Surf, out February 28 on Underwater Peoples.

Waiting for the summer...

Kid Creole & the coconut - I'm Corrupt SDC Re-Edit

Paul Simon - Late in the Evening (Blackjoy Edit)

*in first spending good music, good vibes


Same war in my granfather's garden

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Andrew Liles - Old Tom's Marrow

For several days I hoped to post the video of this track and Ouarda because I find them very beautiful. These videos are provided with this magnificent album, a very cinematic listening experience, exploring your subconscious, awakening the deepest memories...

For more info : http://www.andrewliles.com


My next home...

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A few months ago on the Sqwelsch blog, I made a post where I mentioned the new album "Goodbye" Artist. I want just to add that this album is the most interesting album I learned
this last month.

For the occasion I want thank everyone who help me to stay to my wild...
The days run away like wild horses over The hills...

pix from Koudlam's myspace


Barbie is hot

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In 1979 mime artists extraordinaire Tim Dry and Barbie Wilde united with disco champion dancers Robert Pereno, LA Richards and Karen Sparks to produce Shock: a rock/mime/burlesque/music troupe. In April 1980, they recruited another mime Sean Crawford, who had a unique robotic act called Plastic Joe. The line-up changed with the departure of Karen and the quick introduction and departure of Penny Dunlop who was finally replaced with long legged Carole Caplin.

Shock performed in clubs like The Hacienda (Manchester) The Warehouse (Leeds) and The Blitz and The Venue (London). With costumes from designers Kahn and Bell they found themselves in the vanguard of the New Romantic cult of the early '80's, alongside Boy George, Duran Duran, Adam Ant and Spandau Ballet.

For more info http://www.barbiewilde.com


Love 4 The Dark Esquire

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I'm glad to present a selection by Brian C. Repetto aka The Dark Esquire, made exclusive for my blog , a crazy selection of 80's tracks... His great debut single "Situation" is out this week, it's for me already one of the best single 2010 !
"Situation" is
The Dark Esquire @ Beatport
The Dark Esquire @ Juno
The Dark Esquire @ Amazon


01. David Bowie - Crystal Japan
02. Japan - Quiet Life
03. Roxy Music - Same Old Scene
04. Duran Duran - Sound Of Thunder
05. Pete Shelley - On Your Own
06. Soft Cell - Memorabilia
07. Visage - Visage (Dance Mix)
08. Blondie - Call Me (Instrumental Version)
09. Wire - Ahead
10. Simple Mind - This Fear of Gods
11. Public Image Ltd - The Order Of Death
12. Tones On Tail - You, The Night And The Music
13. Gary Numan - I Nearly Married a Human
14. Public Image Ltd - Radio 4

The Dark Esquire "Situation" Official Music Video from Mike Ferrara on Vimeo.

The DARK ESQUIRE's Biography
The DARK ESQUIRE aka Darkesq is Brian C. Repetto aka BCR.
After 15 years of leading the Art-Rock/Garage-Pop/Post-whatever combo DUMBWAITERS
BCR felt it was time to move on and go "solo" with an emphasis on doing something
musically/creatively different from that of the "Rock Band" formula.
Inspired by a deep love of Synth-Pop, Early Electronic and Progressive Rock, 70's & 80's Disco,
and the New Wave/New Romantic era as well as the current scene of artists
such as Glass Candy and Lindstrom putting out their interpretations of the same styles
The DARK ESQUIRE idea was hatched in a frenzy of post-alcoholic future-euphoria.
Several rough 4-track demos were recorded in an improvised fashion circa early 2007
and a Myspace page was immediately set up with one of these demos, a tune called "Situation"
catching the attention of THISISNOTANEXIT label founder Simon A. Carr.
THISISNOTANEXIT subsequently signed up The DARK ESQUIRE much to the delight of BCR.
BCR is currently working at home and in the studio on The DARK ESQUIRE's THISISNOTANEXIT full-length debut
with collaborator and former DUMBWAITERS multi-intrumentalist James Bess lending a hand with co-production.
A LIVE line-up of The DARK ESQUIRE is also currently in the works for a possible summer 2010 debut.

Some works realised by The Dark Esquire :

Mirror People - Mirror Mirror (Original By Desire & Feat. The Dark Esquire) by Mirror People

Parallels - Ultralight (The Dark Esquire Re-Version) by The Dark Esquire

More music on The Dark Esquire Organisation's Facebook and
The Dark Esquire's Myspace


Queen of noise

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Bettina Köster - Helter Skelter (From New Album "Queen of noise")

Members of the legendary group post-punk/cold wave of '80s Berlin MALARIA! Bettina Köster just released his last album "Queen Of Noise" a massacre ! Album not to be missed !

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