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Matthew Larkin Cassell - In My Life
From "Pieces" album remastered by Stones Throw from the original tapes including "Heaven" sampled by Madlib for Madvillain “3.214”

2/LP Vinyl is available now
CD coming soon the 25 May
(contains a 20 page booklet containing never before seen photos, liner notes, annotation and an extensive interview with Cassell)

Cosmogramma Fieldlines

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Cosmogramma Fieldlines [openFrameworks] from CreativeApplications.Net on Vimeo.

Cosmogramma Fieldlines is a free augmented reality application to celebrate the imminent release of the new Flying Lotus album ‘Cosmogramma’OUT 3RD/4TH MAY. It can be controlled with your webcam or mouse. Enjoy !

Cosmogramma Fieldlines was developed by Aaron Meyers with sound design by Flying Lotus and harp by Rebekah Raff. Based on the artwork by Leigh J. McCloskey.
Download for PC (Windows XP or Windows 7 / 1.5 GHz or + / 128mb graphic card)
Download for MAC (OS X Leopard or above / Intel processor / 128mb graphic card)


No Overdubs

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Steve Piccolo - Superior Genes
music to the film 135 Grand Street New York 1979 by Ericka Berman, unique 8mm film which captures beautifully the driving energy and posturing of early No Wave bands performing in New York at the end of the 1970s. Punk rock and non-musicianship fight it out with art world attitude.
Soul Jazz Records are releasing separately the DVD and the soundtrack CD. + info here

Stephan Eicher - Disco mania
from an excellent Spielt Noise Boys album (album recorded on a simple dictaphone recorder with no overdubs or mixing and purely with 'stolen' equipment !) re-issued by The french label BORN BAD RECORDS out there a few weeks


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Summer Trips

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01.Agitation Free – First Communication
02.Joe Byrd & The Field Hippies – Kalyani
03.Kimio Mizutani – Sabbath Day’s Sable
04.Irmin Schmidt & The Inner Space – Indisches Panorama
05.Faust – Meer
06.Yoko Ono – Don’t Count The Waves
07.Tony Conrad – Four Violins
08.George Harrison – Dream Scene
09.Heldon – Ballade Pour Puig Antich
10.Far East Family Band – The God of Wind
11.Ashra – Laughter Loving
12.Ashra – Sunrain
13.Angus Maclise – Shortwave India
14.Yasuhiro Minamizawa – Sitar
15.Flower Travelin Band – After The Concert
16.Les Rallizes Denudes – Field of Artificial
17.Jean Cohen–Solal – Ab Hoc Et Ab Hac
18.World’s Experience Orchestra – The Prayer
19.Broadcast – Milling Around The
20.Virginia Astley – With My Eyes Open I’m Dreaming
21.The Pink Floyd – Unknown Song (aka Rain In The Country)

If you listened to my last mix you ever did see my interest in an artist who is called Arp. I discovered 2 years ago and since I keep coming back to listen to his music on his myspace. I have great admiration and fascination for his work and the people with whom they work, including The Alps. I am there fore very pleased to learn that The Alps will release their new album LE VOYAGE on May 25 2010 on LP & CD by UK label Type. For celebrate this new album, they've made a blissed-out summer mix called SUMMER TRIPS. You can listen to some exclusive tracks from their new album on the myspace jukebox.The Alps Myspace


Monster Head Room

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Ganglians have a 'new' record "Monster Head Room" out May 10 through Berlin-based label Souterrain Transmissions.
Their music is an incredible mix between Beach Boys and psychedelia, an album to listen again and again. It's already been out in America for a few months now, and you might have heard it. But not everybody has and The European release of Monster Head Room does contain two new tracks which aren't on the US release, cool :)


Chill by Headsun

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01. Beak - Battery Point
02. Circlesquare - Timely
03. Aswefall - Memphis
04. Reinhard Lakomy - Das Unendliche Ratsel
05. Shamen - Rio Negro
06. Aphex Twin - Heliosphan
07. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - The Journey
08. Hu al Acher - Hu al Awal
09. 28 Days Later - In the house - In a heart
10. Chloé feat Chris Garneau - You



The Cuckoo & The Witch

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01. Pierrot Lunaire - Sonde in Profondit
02. The advisory circle - and the cuckoo comes
03. Arp - Potentialities
04. Four Tet - Circling
05. The Alps - A Manhã Na Praia
06. Rita Lee - Cilibrinas Do Éden
07. OS Mutantes - Baby
08. Monsters at work - Magic Morning
09. The Dragon - Amplified Emotion
10. Pure Ecxtasy - Pressure Drop
11. Pill Wonder - Restless
12. Real Estate - Fake Blues
13. Arp & Anthony Moore - Spinette
14. Geoff Love and His Orchestra - Theme from Casanova
15. Pierrot Lunaire - Plaisir d'amor
16. Jean-Claude Vannier - L'Enfant La Mouche Et Les Allumettes
17. S.E.M Studios - Ivresse des profondeurs
18. Brigitte Bardot - Contact
19. Pollyester - The Indian (Mock & Toof remix)
20. Pilooski - AAA
21. Erotic Drum Band - Action 78

The Cuckoo & The Witch by Petite Fumée in Love
pix created from the Danny Sangra's original picture


Moon Cult

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James Pants second album Seven Seals was released in December 2009 in total indifference. I began to despair about the Electronic
Pop Rock Experimental music current, which seemed not innovative enough, albums a bit too light for my taste, I wanted new sounds, just the moon and then Hallelujah ! I went for a ride on the site of Stones Throw Records and I came across this wonderful album.
Many people will compare to the many masters who have inspired and say that it's a bit risky to mix all these influences, I thank him for taking this risk !
James Pant - I saw you

PS: if you want to discover his many influences I urge you to listen to his mixtape like Ice Castle or Psychik Almanack. Moreover, the tracks of this album should be listened in the continuation as a mixtape, it's better ;)


Free The Robots

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Free The Robots "Ctrl Alt Delete" Promo Video #1 from Alpha Pup on Vimeo.

Free The Robots - Turkish Voodoo

Out this week on Alpha Pup is the amazing debut album by US artist Free The Robots.
For the occasion, Free The Robots has concocted a series of promo video with pieces of the album very nice and film clips including my favorite movie of the moment Hausu. You can see them here

Pix from Free the Robots T Shirts on sale in his myspace
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