Monster Head Room

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Ganglians have a 'new' record "Monster Head Room" out May 10 through Berlin-based label Souterrain Transmissions.
Their music is an incredible mix between Beach Boys and psychedelia, an album to listen again and again. It's already been out in America for a few months now, and you might have heard it. But not everybody has and The European release of Monster Head Room does contain two new tracks which aren't on the US release, cool :)

2 commentaires:

  1. This week has helped restore my faith in new music; first comes the new Time & Space Machine album which has to be heard to be believed, it really is that good! Second, come this post and my introduction to the Ganglains album which has just blown me away....I went and grabbed a ripped copy of the album and spent the day listening to it as a backdrop to work and now I have ordered the European release of the album to hear the two extra tracks...I think the Ganglians are destined to become my new obsession (I have many!)....and all thanks to the Petitefume blog posting a single track!
    Without hearing this track and then finding a rip of the album, I would never have spent money on the album which just goes to show, far from having any negative effect on record sales, blogs like this actually do a real service to artists...the record companies should shower blogs with gifts and high praise, not collaborate with Google and lay waste to a thousand blogs in an act of blogocide!

    Thanks again for sharing this strange, beautiful and sublime music, clearly a person of exquisite taste is at the controls here!

  2. Oh, thank you, it touches me deeply. It motivates me to continue, I hope that I would continue to make your day sunny musical :)
    Me too I love Time & Space Machine, thx and especially thank you again for your support.


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