The Medium is the Message

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Here a new video of Sinner DC, a group that I love, who were kind enough to present their influences in a previous post (here). This movie has been made to present their new project, which they invited Ryan Davis Cubenx, Rone, Ghostape, and Sennh 360 Soundsystem (aka Patrice Baumel & Nuno Dos Santos) to remix the Crystallized LP.



Let's Get Sick

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From "Afro Finger & Gel", written by the Punk Queen of BubbleTease Communications Mu, now known as MUTSUMI, and produced by Maurice Fulton.
For me one of the best releases of the label Tiger Sushi (released in 2003)

Her new single "Look Down At Your Feet Below" is now on itunes and her new cd "MUTSUMI" will be out at the end of this year.

Look Down At Your Feet Below by Mutsumi


Pyramid Sacrifice

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Excepter is an electronic performance group devoted to the destruction of boundaries between the psychic friends network and reality television. DEBT DEPT is an album of protest songs played in anti-commercial style with a timeless message for today’s election-year consumer:

This text and this scheme hallucinating come from the site promo page of the label for the album "Debt Dept" where you can discover original version of "Shot Ring" (rmx by Carter Tutti, Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti of Chris & Cosey and Throbbing Gristle, available on the first edition of Rvng's new FRKWYS 12" series).

An other meditation on school shooting,

"National Service Rewind" by The Tivoli Vs Carbaret Voltaire (Shiva Records)
The Tivoli sacrifice their indie rock soul at the altar of Cabaret Voltaire’s legendary Western Works studios.
It's no musical politesse, just a new clear war of electronic attrition, psychotic, psychedelic rock and tower-block rocking beats peppered by juddering, Jamaican Dancehall bass.


The revolution begins !

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Professor Genius - A Jean Giraud 1 (Brennan Green Remix)

Naum Gabo - Pictur (Joakim Remix)

I talked you about The Dark Esquire few month before and my love for his music and his "Thisisnotanexit" records. (you can read again my post here)

After 3 years engaged in combat with the recording industry, "Thisisnotanexit" realease an excellent first compilation called 'Thisisnotanexit: Manifesto # 1"
Featuring Naum Gabo (Optimo), Detachments, The Dark Esquire, Spectral Empire, Professor Genius, Parallels, They came from The Stars I saw them and more
With an additional disc of remixes (by Joakim, Chateau Flight, Prins Thomas, Brennan Green...) and exclusives mixed by label head Simon A. Carr.

If you are in London, next THISISNOTANEXIT party called "The revolution begins !" with Simon A.Carr, Detachments and Spectral Empire :
Facebook Event


Surf in my head

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The strange Boys - Be brave
The Strange Boys release their second album "Be Brave" on the 22nd of February.

Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds - I Found A Peanut
(From "Dracula boots", album released last year)

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