Fête de la Kita

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Jena-based collective Feindrehstar release their debut album, Vulgarian Knights, this july on Musik Krause. Consisting of seven live instrumentalists, they play an incredible mix of house, techno, hip-hop, groovy jazz and broken beat. It's fresh, very good for summer time !
Feindrehstar - Novation

Feindrehstar - Arabikanana

Feindrehstar - Fete de la Kita

Sea rider

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Some weeks ago a friend bloggeur Goodtempo asked me to make him a playlist (only with the tracks available on Fairtilizer) consisted of ten pieces. I decided to create the playlist Decameron to celebrate the arrival of the summer. Here is the result.

And for your ipod you can download here

You can find GoodTempo on facebook here

Nb : The words of sixth track come from the speech of an Indian chief Seatle in answer to the proposition of purchase of their ground by the American president in 1854. You can find the speech here

libellé : Adriano Celentano,Cheval Fou, François de Roubaix, Harmonia, Le Samouraï, Monolake, Moondog, Petite Fumée, Quiet Village, The Heliocentrics, William Burroughs pix : Pasolini's decameron



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Wireless signals unfortunately the end of Profrock's work under the T++ name but he's retired T++ on a high, leaving behind a beautiful testament
a testament with a slightly different aesthetic due to the samples of East African vocals and ndingidi.



Red Lights

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Holy Fuck - Red Lights (From new album "Latin")

Holy Fuck - Frenchy's (From previous album "LP")


You Are My Everlovin’

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If you enjoyed this piece, I strongly advise you to listen to the beautiful mix of Arp in which you have a magical track of Henry Flynt “You Are My Everlovin’”. Follow the link below to download.
Rootmix – ARP – Minimal Mix for Two Turntables

if you're a fan of Henry Flynt and the whole scene he represents, I suggest you also see "Henry Flynt in New York" published on the web at the following adresse http://vimeo.com/benjaminpiekut

And please note the new album-length release by ARP & Anthony Moore on Rvng Intl and the release of The Alps new album LE VOYAGE on type records

Tracklist Rootmix – ARP – Minimal Mix for Two Turntables

01. Anthony Moore – “Mu Na H–Uile Ni A Shaoileas”
02. Ellen Fullman – “Harmonic Cross Sweep”
03. Lubomyr Melnyk – “The Fountain (For Two Pianos)”
04. Roberto Cacciapaglia – “Sonanze: 9th Movement”
05. Balanescu Quartet String Quartet – “No. 2 VI”
06. Circle – “B.F.F.”
07. Henry Flynt – “You Are My Everlovin’”
08. John Cale & Terry Riley – “Ides of March”
09. Brainticket – “Cosmic Wind”
10. Virginia Astley – “It’s Too Hot To Sleep”
11. Faust – “Krautrock”

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