New Era For Rainbow Warrioz

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New Era For Rainbow Warrioz by Petite Fumée
01.Pierre Bachelet "La Roulotte (from "Le Dernier Amant Romantique)"
02.Chateau Flight "Grn Aventure"
03.Bomb The Bass "Butterfingers"
04.Metro area "Atmospherique"
05.Telex "Drama Drama"
06.Tussle "Rainbow Claw"
07.Matmos "Les Folies Françaises"
08.Palms "Der Koenig"
09.Badawi "Critical Combustion"
10.Gill Scott Heron "Sex Education Ghetto Style"
11.Beyond The Wizards Sleeve "Dig It"
12.The Kinks "This Time Tomorrow"
13.The Poets "In Your Tower"
14.Astroglides "Second Look"
15.Evangelicals "Skeleton Man"

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