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These incredible 1968 Afri-Cola commercials were directed, and scored, by the multi-talented German advertising guru, designer, artist, photographer, musician and all-round renaissance man Charles Wilp.

Unsurprisingly for a man dubbed the "Prince of Space" and an "artonaut", and who built a UFO on the roof of his home near Düsseldorf, Wilp was obsessed with space and it was his fascination with intergalactic travel that inspired him to shoot Marianne Faithfull, Amanda Lear, Donna Summer and Marsha Hunt through ice-crystal covered windows.

In 1965, Charles Wilp recorded an album of psychedelic lounge pop "Charles Wilp Fotografiert Bunny" featuring such tantalising track names as "Beautiful Bald Women", "Purple Playmate", "Pink Carpet", "Silky Stockings" and "Size 178-79-55-91". The album gained cult status due to the fact that it never appeared in shops. Wilp had been commissioned by a group of companies he'd helped brand and the 500,000 copies that were pressed were handed out to their lucky employees.
(Full text: http://www.thevine.com.au)

Charles Wilp - Busy Bee
Charles Wilp - Red Indian Sirene

Charles Wilp - Close Up
Charles Wilp - Pink Carpet

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