Tenderness Dust

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I started this mix I don't know when exactly. It was a
summer day I think... a sunny day ... My desire was to
mix psychedelic folk music with krautrock, I wanted a bit
of a space folk, a cosmic ride. And then the sunny days were extended,
the mix too... Now we're in December and Christmas approach, a certain nostalgia for childhood moved in me
and in my mix, too, I hope you'll enjoy tenderness...

if you want download it

Tracklist :
01. Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Company - Cloudscape for Peggy
02. Aminadav ALoni - Fulfilment
03. A.R. & MACHINES - A Book's Blues
04. A.R. & MACHINES - As If I Have Seen All This Before
05. You - 20/11/28
06. JW Farquhar - The Formal Female
07. Flying Testicle - The Red Lanterns
08. Alpha Beta - Who Killed ?
09. Swarthmore Elementary 6th Grade - We Love Recess
10. Nancy Dupree w/ Group Of Rochester, NY Youngsters - What Do I Have ?
11. Peter Baumann - Caroussel
12. Sesame Street - witch (children's television series)+ wind sample
13. The Advisory Circle - Cloud Control
14. John Baker- Christmas Commercial
15. Clara Mondshine - Memorymetropolis
16. Pimania - Video Nasty (soundtrack for computer games released by Automata U.K. Ltd 1981-1985)

pix : photo collage by Petite Fumée


Shooting Stars

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released there has already been a few months in summer but definitely for me the best song and video for the fall


Time to get drunk

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Tarwater - Palace At 5 AM
The song "Palace at 5 AM" is based on a poem by Charles Baudelaire poem which you can read an excerpt below :

And if you sometimes happen to wake up
on the porches of a palace,
in the green grass of a ditch,
in the dismal loneliness of your own room,
your drunkenness gone or disappearing,
ask the wind,
the wave,
the star,
the bird,
the clock,
ask everything that flees,
everything that groans
or rolls
or sings,
everything that speaks,
ask what time it is;
and the wind,
the wave,
the star,
the bird,
the clock
will answer you:
"Time to get drunk!

another tracks of this new album that I like
Tarwater - Sato Sato

and if you haven't yet read, old post about Tarwater here


The middle man

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As you can see, on my blog I don't usually dwell on subjects even more serious (that may be due to my condition ...) but then today I need to talk. You will be learning maybe nothing new but I think some people must be informed ... it can be a bit naive on my part but as I am often a little more or a little less ... A few days ago I expressed furiously against a music sharing site called Official FM (see my previous post) which I have long suspected of cooking their embed view and download. Well oddly today, when I opened my blog I realized that the number of visitors to my blog had suddenly jumped 50 visits on average per day to 1531 hits per day. On closer inspection I found that all visits come from the same country, the United States and every page of my blog were seen 1-2 times. Someone to access my blog also typed in the Google search engine the name of the famous site that I criticized a few days before (I specifie that's the first time in four years). What happens exactly? Is a generous patron who is super nice and share my site or someone is responsible to clean ... I'll let you judge for yourself and make your own conclusion.

Finally, I'll just share a short excerpt from Ro.Go.Pa.G. (film, which consists of four segments each written and directed by one of the four film directors Gregoretti, Pasolini, Godard and Rossellini)
just came out on DVD
sorry no found in english, in this scene Orson Welles play the role of a film director and when he is interviewed by a reporter, he calls the reporter a middle man and conformist, telling him that if he should die right now, it would be a nice plot development and anyway he will not say any of this because he's his boss.


Blue Diamond in My Heart

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Mix a bit special for me, always varied in the selection, maybe even more than usual while maintaining a festive spirit a little new wave and funky, a mix that ranges between mix and anti-mixtape with a lot of news like The Deadstock 33s and Stopmakingme, a few things from Ivan Smagghe and also old oddities like Craig Leon or an Cherrystones Edit.
I also wanted to apologize for the quality of 224k, mixcloud requires ... and Official FM despite my big support of the first hour now asking me to pay, don't make fucking bankers money, fuck Official FM, Blue Diamond is in my heart not in the pockets of bankers.

if you want download it, I put it better (320k)

01 Bernard Estardy - tic tac nocturne
02 Graig Leon - Region of Fleeing Civilians
03 Eddie&Sunshine - Lines (Cherrystones Edit)
04 Mugwump "Morning Glory Daze" Mugwump total re-edit
05 The Deadstock 33s and Stopmakingme - Battery-Life
06 Soft Rock - U Can Dance If U Want To
07 In Flagranti - peculiar protagonist
09 Gavin Russom - night sky
10 Alexander Robotonik - Problems D'Amour (Kenny Dixon Jr Mix)
11 Neck Fink - Crash
12 Franklin Thompson - Planet Jumper
13 Can - I want more

pix : Justin Lowe


Tropical King

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You may tell you this is yet another artist to the tropical trend that we present, but this one is really different, he has a very special approach, truly modern, all songs on the album are quality and listen to endless, a real tropical cocktail to consume without moderation.
You can listen all songs here

A.J. Holmes - Lumumba Berlin Sex


Free Fall'

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Rune Lindbæk - Sin Zen
Taken from the album 'Søndag' released on Repap Records (UK) in 2001.

Check his new project with Cato Farstad "Pechenga" out now on Smalltown Supersound with beautiful images from the film makers Guillaume Nery & Julie Gauthier's short movie 'Free Fall'.

Pechenga - Gitaro



Happiness, Rythm & Blues

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Pure stuff Rythm'n'Blues with Percy Mayfield, Ernie K-Doe, Keb Darge and Little Edith, Thurston Harris, Coasters, Rufus Thomas ...

pix from this isn't happiness.™ Peter Nidzgorski


Share the secrets

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Secret world, secret souls, everything is secret
Music only serves to put sounds on these mysteries.

It means sharing something of ourselves, Manu me regularly share his music, a few weeks ago he sent me this wonderful blend, a real treasure to be discovered. I suggest you continue the adventure until the end, the second part of the mix is really gorgeous, a daydream, a trance, a summer night, a meeting in a secret garden...

tracklist :
1 - clint mansell featuring kronos quartet 2- arandel remixed by sinner dc 3- stephan bodzin vs marc romboy 4- balam acab 5- the sight below 6- cologne tape 7- young man 8- meta.83 9- bruno coulais 10- philip glass 11- d.r. hooker 12- dean & britta 13- kraftwerk

Music can also mean help, mean "don't forget Japan"
A Compilation for Japan (100% of proceeds to Civic Force Japan) by Civic Force Japan + Mental Groove + Villa Magica

pix : flyer, Sinner DC party @ Contemporary arts space */duplex/*, Geneva


Thing Called Love

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Wolfram ft. Haddaway - Thing Called Love (Legowelt Remix)

Love this rmx ! I think it gives full meaning to the voice of Haddaway and to the compo. Great and early 90's nostalgic sensation


Summer Road Mix

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It been a while since we had not heard from Headsun, here's a new mix (with his commentary as a tracklisting), always deeply stylish and furiously festive.

"The trip begins with some beautiful ballads in the sun for a sunny afternoon with Tom Trago, Takkyu Ishino godfather of the japanese scene but also Chaim, from B-Pitch label on which you find yourself singing.
The powerful groove of Recloose happens, we clap our hands and then explodes with the touch Heroglphic Being !
The radiating Mondkopf dazzled us and leads us into regions of science fiction we are exactly at half distance.
Thick like the Ovum Record, elastic and acid as the Redshape edit, all oozing now to 120 bpm and propels us toward this wonderful sunset and the dragonfly of Aux88"

Pix : Mary Virginia Carmack


Reel To Reel

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Sun Ra - UFO (Mike Huckabee Reel To Reel Edit)

Fresh version of one of Ra's great few disco tracks 'U.F.O' by a big fan Mike Huckaby From "The Mike Huckaby Reel To Reel Edits Vol.1"
and if you want more, here the wonderful works of jazz avantgardist Sun Ra as treated by Mike Huckaby. Live from Venice.
Mike Huckaby Live at Sun Ra Reel to Reel Sessions, Venice


Tank Attack

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Kreidler - New Earth

KREIDLER, unique postrock/neo-krautrock quartet from Duesseldorf/Germany formed in 1994 remixer or contributor with artists such as Klaus Dinger (NEU!), Depeche Mode, Faust have recorded a new album. They're touring Germany in May and June, including Festsaal Xberg with Los Massieras opening.


音楽 ongaku 70

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I'm happy to share with you one of my favorite compilations release on a French label Hiruko Records. The tracklisting for me is magical because it includes an artist whom I have great admiration J. A. Seazer, a movie theater and music composer who worked Closely With director Shuji Terayama. Their collaboration resulted in two masterpiece that I really like "The Cage" and "Emperor Tomato Ketchup". It also includes edited version of Alomony by Karuna Khyal , a long hypnotic complaint worthy of Gonjasufi under the influence of opium.


I confess

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Everything you wanted to know about witchcraft, its origins and its wildest tales are in this movie. I take the occasion of its release in remastered version to mail you an excerpt that I like particularly and that is derived from the 1968 version narrated by William S.Burroughs and accompanied by the music of Jean-Luc Ponty.

Häxan , la sorcellerie à travers les âges
Édition DVD with 3 versions including the 1968 : Agnès b., Potemkine.


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