Nacho Patrol

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Nacho Patrol - Caravelle (Legowelt)

Nacho Patrol's debut (with bonus) and second album available now
Thx to Trol2000 for sharing this video


Save the children

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Dwayne Omarr - Save The Children

After 25 years in the shadows, Dwayne Omarr, the crown prince of electro-funk, is back to release some of his finest jams coupled with a few newies on Aphex Twin’s Rephlex record label.




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K404, born in Iwate Prefecture Rikuzentakata severely damaged in the earthquake and YOUNGCALVI they became the founders of charity USTREAM broadcast starting from 19:00 today. Red Cross donations are welcome !


20:30~ 5ive
22:00~ 川辺ヒロシ
23:00~ DJ KENT a.k.a. The Backwoods
24:00~ 1-Drink
01:00~ Shuhei Abe
02:00~ K404


Days sunless

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...electronic graffiti. Finally his language touches me, because he talks to that part of us that insists on drawing profiles on prison walls. a piece of chalk to follow the contours of what is not, or is no longer, or is not yet. the handwriting each one of us will use to compose his own list of things that quicken the heart. To offer or erase. In that moment poetry will be made by everyone and there will be emus in the zone.
- Chris Marker, Sans Soleil

Just thinking of our Japan friends with love



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Rasmus Folk - Coupe by EndlessHouse
Walter Schnaffs - I am Germany (2) by EndlessHouse

Rasmus Folk - Coupe
Walter Schnaffs - I am Germany

Quelle est cette rumeur qui tourne autour du concept fumeux et de grande qualité "Endless House Fundation" ? Qui se cache réellement derrière ce projet : en 1973, un riche homme d'affaire tchèque offre l'asile à une communauté d'artistes dans une forteresse architecturale au milieu de la forêt Bialowieska dans le but de «devenir le berceau d'une nouvelle communauté européenne sonores ... une discothèque multimédia", projet qui s'arrêta au bout de 6 semaines ? Les rumeurs les plus folles courent à ce sujet, Aphex Twin, un combo New-Yorkais autour de Arp, quoi d'autre ? les paris sont ouverts.

What is this rumor that revolves around the concept smoky and high quality "Endless House Fundation" ? Really hidden behind this project: in 1973, a wealthy businessman Czech offers asylum to a community of artists in an architectural fortress in the middle of the forest Bialowieska in order "to become the cradle of a new European sonic community…a multimedia discotheque", project stopped after 6 weeks ? The wildest rumors about this run, Aphex Twin, a combo New Yorker around Arp,what else ? that is anyone's guess.
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