Sing Rudraksh For U Ira

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Angus Maclise - Heavenly blue pt.4&5

You told all the shadows to dance for me
but in my heart the clock stood still
for Death on New Road,
there in the platinum pendulum & reflected
in the glassed in face of Buddha
What was that dog carrying a flattened corpse
with no back legs
startling us on the way
down the hill ?

(from "Rudraksh" by Ira Cohen)


800 000 seconds in Harar

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CM von Hausswolff - Day

This track is one part of CM VON HAUSSWOLFF : 800 000 seconds in Harar, recorded and composed in Harar and Stockholm.

Note :
"During the last years of his life, The poet Arthur Rimbaud made the walled city of Harar is home, where he became coffee trader, arms dealer, photographer and explorer. One of his closest friends was the governor of Harar, Ras Makonnen, father of the futur emperor Haile Selassie. Rimbaud died in 1891 but his presence persists at the residence.
There dedicated to his memory."


Kiss Kiss Kisssss

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The Slits - Love und Romance (DL)
selected track on the new compilation "Naïve Waves, New Wave Post Punk – 1977-1981"

pix : Karlheinz Weinberger "Rebel Youth"


Mi gato favorito

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Gatto Fritto - Beachy Head

I know I'm not the only one to speak on the net about release of the album Gatto Frito but the desire to share this track I itched since few weeks ago. This is a track that I especially, it is part of a mix of Tiago, posted some time ago on this blog, mix that I never get tired of listening. You can listen it here
If you've followed my blog, I have no doubt ;), Gatto Frito is also present in my last mix "Junk is No Good" under the name the Hungry Ghost "Don't eat apricots" released also on the Uruguay-based label "International Feel".


Junk is no good Baby

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Here a new eclectic mix as I like compound of my favorite releases as Dj Sprinkles or Rat’s Poem from Cosmic Metal Mother with the Rat’s voice, a homeless 15-year-old whose baby-faced delinquency became the subject of the grim 1984 documentary film “Streetwise”, discoveries like Mariah via RootStrata’s blog. Also tracks more nostalgic but still relevant as Gray’s group Basquiat, 4hero or Telefon Tel Aviv. references, inspiration for this mix : zabriskie point final scene is the true message
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