Junk is no good Baby

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Here a new eclectic mix as I like compound of my favorite releases as Dj Sprinkles or Rat’s Poem from Cosmic Metal Mother with the Rat’s voice, a homeless 15-year-old whose baby-faced delinquency became the subject of the grim 1984 documentary film “Streetwise”, discoveries like Mariah via RootStrata’s blog. Also tracks more nostalgic but still relevant as Gray’s group Basquiat, 4hero or Telefon Tel Aviv. references, inspiration for this mix : zabriskie point final scene is the true message

4 commentaires:

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  2. NB added : Japanese tourists during the 1987 Tampa bay riot

    I just realized that the idea was plagiarized by Maurizion Cattelan & Pier Paolo Ferrari on Toilet Paper magazine


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