The middle man

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As you can see, on my blog I don't usually dwell on subjects even more serious (that may be due to my condition ...) but then today I need to talk. You will be learning maybe nothing new but I think some people must be informed ... it can be a bit naive on my part but as I am often a little more or a little less ... A few days ago I expressed furiously against a music sharing site called Official FM (see my previous post) which I have long suspected of cooking their embed view and download. Well oddly today, when I opened my blog I realized that the number of visitors to my blog had suddenly jumped 50 visits on average per day to 1531 hits per day. On closer inspection I found that all visits come from the same country, the United States and every page of my blog were seen 1-2 times. Someone to access my blog also typed in the Google search engine the name of the famous site that I criticized a few days before (I specifie that's the first time in four years). What happens exactly? Is a generous patron who is super nice and share my site or someone is responsible to clean ... I'll let you judge for yourself and make your own conclusion.

Finally, I'll just share a short excerpt from Ro.Go.Pa.G. (film, which consists of four segments each written and directed by one of the four film directors Gregoretti, Pasolini, Godard and Rossellini)
just came out on DVD
sorry no found in english, in this scene Orson Welles play the role of a film director and when he is interviewed by a reporter, he calls the reporter a middle man and conformist, telling him that if he should die right now, it would be a nice plot development and anyway he will not say any of this because he's his boss.

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