Tenderness Dust

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I started this mix I don't know when exactly. It was a
summer day I think... a sunny day ... My desire was to
mix psychedelic folk music with krautrock, I wanted a bit
of a space folk, a cosmic ride. And then the sunny days were extended,
the mix too... Now we're in December and Christmas approach, a certain nostalgia for childhood moved in me
and in my mix, too, I hope you'll enjoy tenderness...

if you want download it

Tracklist :
01. Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Company - Cloudscape for Peggy
02. Aminadav ALoni - Fulfilment
03. A.R. & MACHINES - A Book's Blues
04. A.R. & MACHINES - As If I Have Seen All This Before
05. You - 20/11/28
06. JW Farquhar - The Formal Female
07. Flying Testicle - The Red Lanterns
08. Alpha Beta - Who Killed ?
09. Swarthmore Elementary 6th Grade - We Love Recess
10. Nancy Dupree w/ Group Of Rochester, NY Youngsters - What Do I Have ?
11. Peter Baumann - Caroussel
12. Sesame Street - witch (children's television series)+ wind sample
13. The Advisory Circle - Cloud Control
14. John Baker- Christmas Commercial
15. Clara Mondshine - Memorymetropolis
16. Pimania - Video Nasty (soundtrack for computer games released by Automata U.K. Ltd 1981-1985)

pix : photo collage by Petite Fumée

2 commentaires:

  1. i need tenderness ...on peut le downloader ce super mix ?
    ; )
    à bientôt , manu.

  2. send u great tenderness so ;)
    te mail le download...
    à bientôt X


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