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1. Coven - Satanic Mass
2. Bobby Beausoleil and the Freedom Orchestra - Lucifer Rising (Part Iv)
3. Telectu & Jean Sarbib - Fine Antiques (At 45rpm)
4. Sir Eddie Real And The Realistics – Que Pasa Cabasa (by Idjut Boys)
5. Velvet Vouchers - Akwaaba
6. Robert Palmer - Silver Gun (re-edit by Slight Delay on Sufi Surfer)
7. Can - I'M So Green
8. Gang Gang Dance - Oxygen Demo Riddim
9. Dj Harry - Aquarium Man (Thick As Thieves edit)
10. Ghost Note II - Abularyo 11. Grupo 5 - Daydream



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The Hashishins, a medieval Persian sect of esoteric terrorists, founded in 1090 AD by Hasan-i Sabbah "The Old Man of the Mountain" at the Rock of Alamut. Anyone who opposed their secret freethinking propaganda might be rubbed out by a fanatical hit-man. Hasan-i Sabbah built an exquisite garden at Alamut as a lure and reward for his secret agents -- according to legend he gave them hashish before showing them the garden, and told them it was Paradise. (The word "assassin" may come from hashisheen "user of grass.") The Resurrection was declared at Alamut, and the chains of the law were broken. "Nothing is true -- everything is permitted." From a network of mountain castles in Iran and Syria they opposed both Islam and the crusaders of the Christians, scandalizing the world with their lawless heresy, till they (and the garden of Alamut) were destroyed around 1257 by the Mongol hordes. Their religion still survives today.

Bill Laswell - Sinan's Post (Voice : Ira Cohen)

Bill Laswell feat Nicky Skopelitis - Morning High (Voice : Lizzy Mercier Descloux, Patti Smith)



Fly into my bed

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S.P. Balasubrahmaniam & S.Janaki - Chittu Kuruvi (Chinna Vedu OST)
Availabel Now on BOMBAY CONNECTION (Originally released on Finderkeeper records Ilaiyaraaja : Play That Beat Mr.Raja)


Who's that girl ?

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Story of an girl escaping a city’s aggressive neon lights, crossing canyons, fainting in the desert to wake up to a forest fire, delving in thoughts of the worries caused to loved ones, finding refuge in a valley of greenery...


Dinosaur Omelet

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Tracklist :
01. Time And Space Machine - Pill Party In India
02. Chelonis R Jones - The Irritant (Brain Damage Club)
03. LONE - Crystal Caverns 1991
04. Lazer Sword - CHSEN (feat Machinedrum)
05. P H O N O - Mosquitoes
06. Jim Rivers - Miles Away
07. NY House'n Authority - Dyckman House
08. Marc Houle - Bink
09. Kris Menace - Fly Me To The Moon
10. Ed Davenport - Somewhere
11. Taragana Pyjarama - Lo Ng
12. Claro Intelecto - Blind Side
13. Dj Hell - The DJ (feat P Diddy - Spencer Parker edit Of Radio Slave)
14. Sargeant Malone - Love Message The Revenge edit (dinosaur omelet re-edit)
15. Kasper Bjorke - All I Hear Is Drums
You can download it http://www.mediafire.com/?87yagd97re9fdnn


Cat Thief Diamond

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Recent months I listened a lot of news, difficult to post everything.
As the idea of ​​mix / anti-mix "Blue Diamonds" was very appreciated, I continue the experiment,
No rules... everything I love... one slogan : Pleasure.
Pleasure will be listen a pearl spotted by Trevor Jackson from his compilation "Metal Dance",
discover the artist Cuticle on Not Not Fun records (after an ep on 100% silk),
going crazy listening The Mole's "Love Is The Way", producer which I love most productions,
rediscover Bjørn Torske through the homage of Dj Harvey and rave in the stars with The New Year from the compilation "Personal Space".
If you can download it : http://www.mediafire.com/?c0pq8txueav8qqt, have a good time listening to these diamonds.
Pix : Deitch Project

Tracklist :
01. The New Year - My Bleeding Wound (Personal Space : Electronic Soul 1974-1984, soul compilation from Chocolate Industries, distribution by The Numero Group)
02. Tranquil Eyes - Fitness School (Alternative Funk : Folie Distinguée)
03. Moon Runner - Cultural Track One (Daniel Maloso Remix)
04. Craig Peyton - Be Thankful For What You Got (instrumental)
05. Gwendolyn - Come To Me (Farley ''Funkin'' Keith Remix)
06. Eamon Harkin - Rigor Music (Roman Flugel remix)
07. Jee Day - Aura Go
08. The Mole - Love Is The Way
09. Cuticle - Night of Romance
10. The cage feat nona hendrys - do what you wanna do (Trevor Jackson Presents Metal Dance)
11. Gerry Read - Yeh Come Dance
12. Kresy - Lords Of Percussion
13. Bjørn Torske - Hard Trafikk
14. Bjørn Torske - nitten nitti (harveys not normal mix)
15. Suns Of Arqa - Brujo Magic (Unreleased Edit)


Funkiness Attitude

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tracklist : Darondo, Zapp, Bernie Worrell, Bobby Boyd, Ike Turner, Black&rock&rap, Jackie Day, Regional Garland...

if you want download it :


Call me (773)295-2135

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Willis Earl Beal - Take Me Away

"Write to me and i will make you a drawing
call me and i will sing you a song"

One year ago, this strange message on hand-drawn flyer appeared in many bars and various locations in Chicago ... its author : Willis Earl Beal



Car Wash Experience

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I appreciate a lot this artist for his eclecticism and his genius multiple-artistic.

I may add to this post an old mix with "Roll" that allows me to recall my interest in this artist for several years ago...
Found the tracklist here
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