Forever Pavot

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Forever Pavot - Miguel El Salam
Miguel El Salam is a very good track nostalgic for me because it seem to me that it contain a little piece of jean-pierre decerf & gérard zajd's "reaching the infinite" and remind me the 90's version of Juan trip, Louis' Cry


Tears In Paradise

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Tears in paradise by Petite Fumée on Mixcloud

Some time has passed since the last radio transmissions "Ivresse des profondeurs" on RadioCampus and it's difficult for me to make a post for all the favorites so I decided to post a selection of music with everything I've recently listened and appreciated. It necessarily follows a great eclectic mix with electro, rock, pop, hip hop, disco, afrobeat... with tears but also joys in paradise...

Love Will Tear Us Apart (Live on Radio France) Charles-Eric Charrier
Lewis ~ So Be In Love With Me
Esteticateria Isabelle Gunn
Notorious B.I.G. - Hypnotize [Benedikt Freys Downtown Ghetto Edit]
Montezumas Rache - Wu Du Wu (2014)
Rhye - The Fall (Maurice Fulton Alt Remix)
The Gino Fontaine - Revnorev (Late Night Tales presents After Dark_ Nightshift)
High Pitch - In Flagranti (Sal P_ Vocal, Jonny Sender_ Bass)
The Emperor Machine - RMI Is All I Want
The Mole - Lockdown Party (Dj Sprinkles Crossfaderama)
TIAGO-Merda Cagada Não Volta Ao Cú (interzona 13)
Crotocosm - Fanatic II
Blackway _New Life_
Rich Lane - Flesh
Peter Richard - Walking in the neon (Club version)
Art Fine - Dark Silence (Art Fine Version)
Nenad Markovi - Weather
ata kak -- noema's tribute edit
Shadow - Let's Get Together ( Dub )
Look Up In The Sky


Bermuda Waterfall

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Sean Nicholas Savage - Bermuda Waterfall on the genius record Arbatus

if you appreciate the lo-fi music, I also recommend listening Tonstartssbandht from the same label
Tonstartssbandht - Shot To La Parc
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